Cadbury Kraft Merger Agreement

The deal follows a four-month speech risk between Cadbury Chairman Roger Carr and Kraft KFT CEO Irene Rosenfeld. Carr had repeatedly called Kraft`s previous offer “ridiculous” and told shareholders that the previous offer — worth about 769 pence per share at Friday`s closing price — was an attempt to “steal the company.” Okay, the weakness of sterling helps to become pounds again. Nevertheless, the profits could have been even higher. Cadbury warned that Kraft was a low-growth conglomerate with a history of disappointment. A true follower of Curly Wurly would have sold the kraft food shares created as part of the split and would have quickly invested the product in Mondelez (now effectively Cadbury). In this way, they would have avoided Heinz Kraft`s pain and sat at about 70,000 pounds, a total return of about 600%. .