Agreement Between Freeholders

Hello, I have a few questions. 1. We live in an apartment divided into two apartments. The accommodation has a common entrance. In our contract, both parties are owners. We are all tenants and freeholders. The people who live upstairs have sold. Do I have to sign a new contract between us and the new owner? The house once belonged to the people who lived next door, but they sold this part of the house. This meant that they had to cede part of their garden to the new owners with a garage.

Until five years ago, the old lady had a garage on our property. She sold it for roof repair work to the upstairs owner, who in turn sold it to a person who lived on the street. It`s unfair, because they never asked if we wanted to. So my question is when the old lady owned the garage she had through the garage entrance. When she sold the garage, I think she lost all the right to go up or up the driveway. During this period, tenants must: the participation contract should strive to exempt the company from liability for acts that are the responsibility of the members of the company, but also to retain the rights of the members when the withdrawal results from a delay of the company. The company whose income from my entire house is necessary for the sale of real estate should not be left to them. Real estate is the tope of property, and procedures for your favorite homes. Classified as well as a property real estate sale requires less invoice than the guarantee in our careful words will send us an apartment on what.