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The agreement did not prevent relations between the two countries from deteriorating until the armed conflict, the last time during the 1999 Kargil war. In Operation Meghdoot of 1984, India seized the entire inhospitable region of the Siachens Glacier, where the border was clearly not defined in the agreement (perhaps because the area was considered too arid to be controversial); This was considered by Pakistan to be a violation of the Simla agreement. Most of the subsequent deaths in the Siachen conflict were caused by natural disasters. B, like the avalanches of 2010, 2012 and 2016. The agreement is the result of the two countries` determination to “end the conflict and confrontation that have so far weighed on their relations.” He designed the steps to be taken to further normalize mutual relations and also defined the principles that should govern their future relations. [4] [5] [3] (iii) Withdrawals begin with the implementation of this agreement and are concluded within 30 days. [4] This agreement is ratified by both countries in accordance with their respective constitutional procedures and enters into force from the date of exchange of the ratification instruments. [4] The Delhi Agreement on the Re-establishment of War and Civilian Internees is a tripartite agreement between these states, signed on 28 August 1973. The agreement was signed by Kamal Hossain, the Foreign Minister of the Government of Bangladesh, Sardar Swaran Singh, the Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aziz Ahmed, Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs of the Pakistani government. [9] [11] The Simla Agreement was signed on 3 July 1972 in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh State, between India and Pakistan.

[2] This led to the war of liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, which led to the independence of Bangladesh, formerly known as East Pakistan and part of the territory of Pakistan. India entered the war as an ally of Bangladesh, which turned the war into an Indo-Pakistan war in 1971. [3] (iii) Trade and cooperation in economic and other fields are resumed where possible. [4] Hindi News – मोबाइल “पढ़ने” लिए डाउनलोड (Hindi News App) Get all the latest web news in Hindi from politics, crime, entertainment, sports, technology, education, health, astrology and more hindi 25 मार्च को अवामी भी सड़कों “भी सड़कों” उतर आए। याहया खान ने सैन्य अधिकारियों से मुलाकात की और पूर्वी पाकिस्तान पर सैन्य कार्रवाई की अनुमति दे दी। 25 मार्च को रात 11.30 बजे पूरे पूर्वी पाकिस्तान में पाकिस्तानी सेना ने सर्चलाइट ऑपरेशन शुरू किया। पाकिस्तान के हमीदुर रहमान आयोग की रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक, कम से कम 26,000 लोग इस ऑपरेशन में मारे गए। पाकिस्तानी सेना ने बड़े पैमाने पर पूर्वी पाकिस्तान में हत्या, लूटपाट और रेप की वारदात को अंजाम दिया। करीब 1 करोड़ लोग पूर्वी पाकिस्तान से भागकर भारत आए। केंद्र सरकार की ओर से जम्मू-कश्मीर से अनुच्छेद 370 हटाने और लद्दाख को अलग कर केंद्र शासित प्रदेश बनाए जाने के फैसले के बाद पाकिस्तान में हलचल बढ़ी हुई है.