Ln Agreement

5.11 This subscription agreement is the parties` overall agreement on their purpose and replaces and replaces all prior written or oral submissions, submissions, proposals or quotations. The following terms and conditions govern access and use of publications and the digital library, subject to the order (the “Publishing Services”) and the materials and content (“materials” it contains), provided by LexisNexis, a division of RELX Inc. and its affiliates (together “LN”). The terms “you” and “you” in capital letters or lower case mean the company (for example. B, company, company, company, owner, etc.) or the government authority that issues these conditions with LN. These conditions, along with the order form and digital rights management (“DRM”) contained in electronic publications, as well as the terms and conditions published in the Digital Library, constitute the whole agreement between you and LN regarding the provision of publishing services and materials (together the “contract”). Unless the employer and teleworker have agreed otherwise in the written agreement on telework, the employer is responsible for the provision, installation and maintenance of the equipment necessary for telework and the provision of an appropriate technical assistance device for the teleworker. On the other hand, the teleworker is obliged to take care of the equipment and data provided by the employer and he must not collect or disseminate illegal material on the internet. Any telework implementation agreement must be written and contain information, as provided by the Information to Employees Regulations, as well as information including telework, as recorded in L.N. 312 of 2008 – Telework National Standard Order. 5.1 These terms and conditions of sale, including the Additional Terms, may be amended from time to time as stated below or by written agreement.

Payment fees and terms may be changed in accordance with the terms of your price plan; All other provisions may be amended by LN immediately after you have been communicated. If changes are made to this subscription agreement, these changes are only applied prospectively; and (b) not be specifically directed against you or your authorized users, but will apply to all similar LN customers who use online services. You can terminate this subscription contract after written notification to LN if a change in these terms and conditions is unacceptable to you. In order for the termination to take effect in accordance with this section 5.1, LN must be terminated in writing within 90 days of the amendment coming into effect. Continued use of online services after the effective date of an amendment is the acceptance of the amendment, but does not affect the right of termination above. Unless indicated above, this subscription agreement can only be completed, amended or amended otherwise if it is signed by duly accredited representatives of both parties. In addition, this subscription agreement should not be completed, amended or revised by an email exchange, even if the email contains a printed name or signature line with a signature in the form of a signature. The above does not prohibit the execution of electronic contracts for electronic signatures of authorized representatives of both parties, provided that these signatures contain digital certifications or are certified by other means.